Storage Insurance

American Classic Storage encourages and educates all of our customers to explore their own homeowners, and renters policy. We also can enroll you in our tenant insurance program. We encourage all customers to use a disc lock to secure their goods.


Storsmart  covers  you  in  case  of  loss  or  damage  to  your  stored  goods  from  fire,  hurricane,  tornado,  wind, earthquake, vandalism,  lightning,  smoke,  hail,  building  collapse,  explosion,  leaking  water  and  burglary.   For  Burglary,  there  must  be  visible  signs  of  forced  entry  and  a  police  report  must  be  filed.   We  also  cover  your  goods  while  in  transit  to  and  from  the  storage  facility  as  a  result  from  fire,  collision,  or  vehicle  overturn.  Please  visit  for  more  details.